Raynor Massage

Raynor massage is a holistic approach that works on the physical and emotional level. It is a powerful body and mind work massage. This massage is perfect if you are ready for deep tension and old pain relief. This technique has been developed by Brandon Raynor who started teaching 20 years ago. He uses a mix of different methods such as Shiatsu (slow movements that follow the breath), acupressure (use of body trigger points), aromatherapy (use of essential oils), reflexology (ancient oriental science based on the whole body represented in the feet and hands). This massage is based on a belly breathing technique I will teach you for better results. Brandon realized that toes and especially the big toes hold a lot of tensions (knot in the belly, headaches, leg and lower back pains). The tensions are physical but may hold emotional knots underneath. This is what  makes this massage so unique and effective. Once the emotion is released, the tension disappears and leaves a sensation of lightness, calm, and loose muscles and joints. You will gain a better range of movement, but it may require few hours of work depending on your body and your willingness to ''let go''. This body work may involve the use of Thai massage ''wooden sticks'' and ''chopsticks'' to work more in details the roots of your tensions. It involves stretching and joints manipulation, therefore you need to come with comfortable clothes, ideally shorts and t-shirt. I may use oils and essential oils for a deeper effect.

 Allow a minimum of 2 hours per session for this type of massage. Every session is unique and build up to your need. Fixed price of $135 for 2 hours to 2.5 hours work.

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