Raynor Massage
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What is Raynor massage?

Raynor massage is a holistic approach that works on the physical and emotional level. Raynor is beyond a conventional massage and could be qualified more as a body work which includes work on the physical and emotional level. This body work is good if you are ready for relief of some specific chronic pain or emotion overload.


Where does it come from?

This technique has been developed by Brandon Raynor who started teaching 25 years ago. He uses a mix of different methods such as Shiatsu (slow movements that follow the breath), acupressure (use of body trigger points), 'dried acupuncture' (by using chopsticks for a detailed and necessary work) and reflexology (ancient Eastern science based on the whole body represented in the feet, hands and ears). This massage is based on a belly breathing technique I teach for better results. Brandon realized that the tips of the toes and fingers hold the root cause of tension. Once the tips of the toes and fingers are released from tension, it brings back joint mobility, and it becomes easier to release the upper joint (ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder…).

What will I experience during a Raynor treatment?

Everyone is different. The more you are ready to let go, the faster your recovery will be. The breath is the key to help release the tension. You may hear your belly making noises during the session which is a particularly good sign. It means your body is processing, ‘digesting’ and ‘letting go’ whatever was stored unconsciously within you. Some people may experience some emotion releases (such as tears, laugh, anger…) some may feel tingling over the body, some may not experience a lot, and it is also fine. Please be aware that Raynor massage is a deep and intense body work. Even if you have pain somewhere on your body, I will focus mainly on your feet or your hand (reflexology) with or without Thai tools. 

What can Raynor help with?

Raynor massage does not cure ailments. The purpose is to bring back balance within the body by releasing any tension. When your body is free from tension, usually the physical pain reduces and, in some cases, disappears completely. It may take several sessions for the body to release the biggest tension. The older is the trauma, pain or accident, the longer may be the treatment.

Below is a list of ailments Raynor treatment can help reduce tension:

-          Frozen shoulders

-          Tennis Elbow

-          Pin and needles sensation

-          Wrist pain

-          Ankle pain

-          Plantar fasciitis

-          Knee issues

-          Sciatica

-          Neck pain

-          Emotion Overload

-          And more…

It can be very good to have a Raynor treatment regularly if your work is physically intense or repetitive (Shearers, Builders, orchard workers, computer work), but also if you play sports and feel pain or stiffness while playing. It is also very beneficial if you feel you have a lot of old emotion stored within and you are ready to let them go.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about it.

Every session is unique and build up to your need.

Fixed price of $125 for 90min.

Learn Raynor Massage and change your life!
It is very easy to learn this amazing technique, whether you want to practice on your family or you want to be a professional massage therapist. 
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