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Raynor Massage

What is Raynor massage?

Raynor massage is a holistic approach that works on the physical and emotional level. Raynor is beyond a conventional massage and could be qualified more as a body work which includes work on the physical and emotional level. This body work is good if you are ready for relief of some specific chronic pain or emotion overload. Please note that a Raynor massage is NOT a full body massage. I will focus on certain areas only, especially on toes and/or fingers and assisted belly breathing. Raynor massage uses chopsticks (as seen on picture) on fingers and toes, thus it is not a pampering body work. It is uncomfortable because it works directly on your nervous system and releases the stiffness around your joints.

Where does it come from?

This technique has been developed by Brandon Raynor who started teaching 30 years ago. He uses a mix of different methods such as Shiatsu (slow movements that follow the breath), acupressure (use of body trigger points), 'dried acupuncture' (by using chopsticks for a detailed and necessary work) and reflexology (ancient Eastern science based on the whole body represented in the feet, hands and ears). This massage is based on a belly breathing technique I teach for better results. Brandon realized that the tips of the toes and fingers hold the root cause of tension. Once the tips of the toes and fingers are released from tension, it brings back joint mobility, and it becomes easier to release the upper joint (ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder…).

What will I experience during a Raynor treatment?

This body work is NOT FOR EVERYONE and everyone is Unique. The more you are ready to let go, the more beneficial will be this modality. The breath is the key to help release the tension. It is extremely important to breathe through as deep as you can and allow sensations to raise from your body. We have been taught to hold onto our breath, to hide our emotions and to stay quiet. I have seen the best results when people felt free to breath out loudly. Tears, anger, tingling sensation, hot/cold can be experienced (and I am comfortable and used to these reactions). I have seen it over and over and I know when someone is holding and what they experience is only pain and nothing else. Also, if you come with big expectations, you may feel disappointed. The body releases only when you surrender to the unknown.


Why do I practice Raynor?

It has literally changed my life for the better and I never ever experienced such a profound change from any other body work. It freed me from chronic pain in my wrist (from pruning and repetitive movement), it released me from deep fear and some anger I was holding for a long time and it reduced a lot my pain from endometriosis. I could see more clearly in the direction of my life and it allowed me to step into my practice full time. I am grateful for this amazing gift. But please note that when I had some sessions, I was totally open and ready to the unknown. The sessions were painful but it worse every second of it! A life changing for me! But once again, it is not for everyone.

What can Raynor help with?

Raynor massage does not cure ailments. The purpose is to bring back balance within the body by releasing any tension. When your body is free from tension, usually the physical pain reduces and, in some cases, disappears completely. It may take several sessions for the body to release the biggest tension. The older is the trauma, pain or accident, the longer may be the treatment.

Below is a list of ailments Raynor treatment can help reduce tension:


Frozen shoulders

Tennis Elbow

Pin and needles sensation

Wrist pain

Ankle pain

Plantar fasciitis
Knee issues
Emotion Overload
And more…

It can be very good to have a Raynor treatment regularly if your work is physically intense or repetitive (Shearers, Builders, orchard workers, computer work), but also if you play sports and feel pain or stiffness while playing. It is also very beneficial if you feel you have a lot of old emotion stored within and you are ready to let them go.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about it.

Every session is unique and build up to your need.

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