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Sound and Light

Once upon a time everything was sound and light.

Light holds all the infinite spectrum of colors. Each colors holds a particular frequency or strength. When all the colors are merged together, it becomes pure light. It is indescribable, it must be experienced with all the senses and beyond to understand its wholeness.

Sound is also an infinite possibility of vibration. A sound broadcasts a vibration and can generate density. The speed, the amplitude, the length, the resonance create a Unique Sound. Each sound holds the potential of all creation.

When Sound and Light join together, a 'ballet' of shapes and forms take place. Sound shapes Light.

Sound and Light are infinite creation.

When a pulsing sound becomes rhythmic and balanced, light can take shape and become matter. One needs the other part, it is the Alpha and Omega - the Beginning and the End - all at the same time. And it is expressed through infinite experiences.

Become aware of our surroundings and increase our sensitivity:

During your day, pay more attention to sounds. The rain on the roof, the birds outside, the music you listen, the noise of a motorbike, a chainsaw... When you become aware of a sound, close your eyes for an instant and feel the sound within you. What does it feel? Where does it feel? All sensation will give you an idea of the frequency level each sound creates.

Do the same with colors. What color you wear, the sky. the clouds, your house furniture, nature... When you look at each of them, how does that make you feel deep inside?

The is no right or wrong answers. As human we all vibrate at different levels. Therefore, we will resonate to different sound and color. This exercise is to get you used to feel and recognize what is good for me at the present moment.

Maybe in a year, if you do the same exercise, you might be sensitive to different colors and sound.


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