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Release pain and more with self-hypnosis workshops

"My fear from spiders is gone"
"My knot in the stomach disappeared, I can't believe it!"
"This foggy head I felt constantly, is gone!"
"I don't have headaches anymore!"
"This feeling of being somehow disconnected from myself has disappeared!

Above, are examples of the power of hypnosis.


First of all, any 'hypnosis' is 'self-hypnosis'. It is a natural and an altered state of consciousness. In other words, under hypnosis, your brainwaves are slower, hence, you experience a feeling of profound calmness.

Your mind, instead of focusing on 'outside' (thinking, acting, moving, eating...), is focusing on the 'inside" (breath, body sensation, imagination...). Therefore, you are NOT ASLEEP. You are here, yet anywhere. It is really hard to explain, but it is SAFE and incredibly calming.

Anyone can be hypnotized, because anyone access daily to different brainwaves. When you watch a commercial about something you like, it will activate your imagination, sensation from a memory. When this happens, you are in 'trance', thus, you are hypnotized.

If commercials can use the power of your mind to purchase their products, YOU can use the power of your mind to release any unwanted pain, issues and problems.

Origin of our pains and old programs

Aristotle, echoed by St Ignatius Loyala, famously said,
‘Give me a child till he’s seven, and I will show you the man’

We learn by observing and mimicking.

You see, when we are young (until 8-9 years old), we are majority of the time in a natural state of light 'hypnosis', or in 'alpha and theta' brainwave. It allows us to learn from our environment and we can create and build our own identity and belief systems (unconscious programs).

Based on what is happening outside of us, we will create "different unconscious programs" to help us navigating through life.

If our environment is scary or violent, we will create some coping mechanisms to protect us (we can become ourselves violent, or we can feel very scared all the time...).

If we have been told that we are useless, and we start to believe it, we may suffer from low self-esteem or we may need to have constant approvals to feel 'we are ok'.

The problem is that some of those belief systems, may have been helpful at a younger age, but they are now a burden for us.

Whether it is a physical symptom, or a sensation or a feeling, it has been created somewhere in the past. It is like a computer program-virus that runs in the background, without knowing it is there.

It is only when we shut down the chattery mind that we can start paying attention to what is happening in the background. Just by being present, observing, sensing without judging or analyzing, we give access to a wiser part of us to heal our wounds.

Self-hypnosis workshops

The Self-hypnosis workshops are based on Simpson Protocol, which is a simple, yet effective way to go the root of the issue and allow the 'superconscious' mind to do the rest.

The superconscious mind could be considered as 'the wiser part' of us. It is always present with us, but we 'block' it with our thoughts, our fears, our doubts...

When we allow it to come forward, we allow the magic to happen: We heal our own issues with the power of this 'inner knowledge'.

People report a lot of different sensation during a session. From changes in body temperature, to tingling/buzzing sensations, to body floating sensation, to an indescribable sense of happiness. However, when there are some blockages, people can feel heavy pressure, discomfort, pain-body. The key is to allow the process and just be an observer. Any sensation, good or more challenging are impermanent. When you 'surrender' to whatever your body needs to release, you will release it.

Coming to a self-hypnosis group session is offering yourself the gift to release old and unwanted problems. The power of being in a group will deepen the work. The group energy works as a catalyzer. It enhances the result at the individual and collective level.

What to expect in a self-hypnosis workshop

If you come at a workshop, it will be done in three parts:

1- We will increase your level of self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, sense of security and release any negative emotions, feelings present within you.

2- You will work on a specific issue you come with, and you wish to release.

3- If we have the time and if people are not tired, we will work on a specific topic at the collective level. It can be working on someone's health condition, an animal health, a place...

You will be able to use this tool at home as we will set up the words that will bring you to the state of self-hypnosis. The more you practice, the easiest it gets.

If you feel the need to work more in depth with a specific issue, you can book an individual session. I will ask more specific questions, tailored to your issue.

Simpson Protocol

Simpson Protocol is amazing for... anything! from fear/phobia, to depression, to anxiety, to quit smoking, to self-confidence, to weight loss, to allergies, physical pain... Why? Because we do not impose a new belief system with some words to believe, we simply ask YOUR inner self to clear the issue.

Anything we have created in our body, we have the ability to heal it. It may sound weird or impossible, yet epigenetic is a scientific branch that studies this exact phenomenon. Our genes are activated by our environment. Therefore, we are NOT VICTIM from our genes! To learn more about that, see this video.

To book a workshop, simply go to home page and scroll down until you see the events coming up. Choose your date and town, pay and you are booked in!

Here is a short video of one of the workshop:

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