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My Approach

We live in a fast, stressful and full on world. It is important to learn to listen ourselves, we need time to ease off and allow time to rest and nurture our body and mind. My main goal is to help you feel better, calmer, and help you expressing your trapped emotions to help your body recover faster.

Tension and stiffness can come from physical work or even from our Emotional state. Emotions that do not have way for free expression and release can create disease and disharmony in the body manifesting as physical symptoms. It may build up over the years to a point that we might create blockage in our joints, tendons and subtle bodies.

My goal is to help you return to a physical AND emotional release state. Body and Mind are intrinsically linked together. To find a balance in life, we need to work on both aspects to release any tension and blockages.

When I work on the body level - during massages - my techniques are inspired from Raynor Massage and other modalities I adapted to my practice. It is a unique, holistic approach that mix breathing techniques, acupressure (pressure to certain trigger points on the body), shiatsu (slow movements on trigger points), aromatherapy (use of essential oil), reflexology (each part of your feet correspond to a part of your body) and joints stretching.

When I work at the mind level - during Hypnosis sessions - I will use different tools suitable to your situation and guide you to find your own answers. Your subconscious mind holds all the answers, I am just here to help you find the key to open the door.

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