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Learn Online Raynor Massage Certificate Course

Are you looking for a career reconversion or you are already a massage therapist and you want to learn more tools, or you only want to learn some techniques to give massage to your family and friends?

Raynor Massage is an incredible course that will give you all the basics you need to be a good massage therapist.

You can Enrol Now by visiting Raynor Massage Online Course.

Raynor Massage from my perspective:

Raynor Massage is a Unique and Holistic approach. When you have a 'conventional massage', it is very 'linear'. In other words, it is very occidental oriented, very organized, very intellectual. Have you ever experienced a massage where you feel each stroke is counted and measured? Or the therapist doesn't feel the knots in your back? That is a linear approach. The therapist has been taught to do in one way, and he/she can't think outside of the box.

If you are open to your own intuition, if you want to learn about the complexity of the human mind-body-emotion connection, you will love this course!

Raynor Massage is a mix of Reflexology (we work a lot on hands, feet, face, ears), acupressure, deep tissue, and intuition. It is a deep work that goes to the core of the root tension held in your body. 

When you tune-in with the client, you start to feel all the knots, you start to sense where to go next to help the person releasing their tension.

I highly encourage you to learn this course if you are genuinely caring for others and want to help people to feel freer and lighter in their life.

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