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Hypnotherapy Programs

Hypnotherapy is recognized as an effective and fast alternative therapy for a very wide number of issues including depression, anxiety, PTSD, cancer support, birth preparation, birth trauma, smoking cessation, phobia...

Sometimes counselling, hypnotherapy or medication are not enough to ease of physical or psychological pains because those therapies often focus only the conscious or physical part of the person.

Did you know that 95% of our behaviour is unconscious?

Hypnotherapy is efficient because it works directly with our unconscious mind, so the results are extremely rapid compared to other modalities.

Our unconscious mind is holding all our programs we execute without being really aware (having the same routine every day, thinking about the same thoughts over and over based on our past, feeling the same stressful emotion daily...). All these issues are stored into our unconscious part. Therefore, it is really hard with our 5% analytic/conscious mind to break this habit we have created a long time ago. 

Hypnotherapy is extremely powerful to go directly to the original program, release the "emotional-virus" and reset the conscious mind with a more beneficial new behavior/feeling.

Studies have shown that to change a behavior, it is important to reconnect to our heart center. Incredible studies demonstrate that the intelligence of our heart is able to sense our environment before our brain. If our environment is stressful, our heart will feel it and will protect itself. When it protects itself, we lose our natural connection to our intuition and ability to balance our nervous system. When our nervous system is unbalanced, it can have over time an extreme negative impact on us (panic attacks, depression, anxiety, fears, personality disorders, cancer, auto-immune diseases...).

Lilly works with people suffering from:

- Depression

- Cancer support

- Trauma/PTSD

- Smoking cessation

- Birth trauma

- Becoming parents

- Anxiety

- chronic pains


- and more

Programs running over several weeks have better results than 1 off session

For better results, especially around issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or addictions, several sessions are needed. Lilly saw the best results when her clients were doing around 6 sessions. During a program the person will see Lilly usually once a week (unless during the session, the superconscious mind needs more time between sessions). There will have some reinforcement exercises during the week to 'rewire the brain'. 

Lilly works with adults, teenagers and in some specific occasions with children from 8 years old. 

For younger children, Lilly can use one of the parents/caretakers as a 'surrogate' and work on the child that way. It works extremely well, and it also create a better bondage between the child and the parent/caretaker.

Session can be in person and online. Hypnotherapy online works as well as in person. You only need a good connection and a camera.

Prices and length:

The first session is around 90 minutes long, then all sessions are 75 minutes

Call for a Free Consultation* 

First 30min consultation (pre-program): Free 

An extra $50 flat fee will be added for any time over 30 min to 1h.

*Please note that consultations are not a session. There will be no hypnosis. This consultation is created to build the program that will suit you the best.

Sessions price**:

1 session: $175

3 sessions program: $499

6 sessions program: $999

**Please note that for majority of the cases, a minimum of 3 sessions will be needed (exclude smoking cessation-1 session is enough). These 3 sessions must be paid in advance for your own benefits. When a change occurs, often at the beginning the mind-body fight it because it is new and unknown. This is why it is CRUTIAL when dealing with big life reset (like depression, anxiety, trauma...) to do at least 3 sessions over 3 weeks. 21 days is usually the time for the mind to see/feel the changes and start believing that changes happen for real. Lilly saw the best results when this rule was followed, and she will stay strong on it. If you are really ready to change, you need to commit yourself entirely.

Female Hypnotherapy Patient

If you are ready for the change today, contact me now and we can organize a phone call for all your questions!

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