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What is Hypno-Massage and How can it Help Me?

Hypno-Massage uses two of my skills, massage and hypnotherapy. While you receive a gentle and light to medium pressure massage, you will listen to a pre-recorded hypnosis session (which is a guided meditation) I created specifically for this purpose. When a person receives a massage, the brainwaves change naturally to a calmer state (called Alpha to Theta brainwaves). They are exactly the same brainwaves a hypnotherapist uses to induce subconscious changes in a client. Therefore, having a massage is a perfect opportunity for a person to listen to some suggestions because they are already receptive to changes. 

When you receive a massage or when you are under hypnosis, you activate part of the mind that holds imagination. By telling stories and suggestions, certain words will trigger different electrical signals that could change your neuronal pathways. If you are ready for the change to happen, your subconscious mind will do all the work.

Where does it come from?

This is a Unique Service I haven't seen anywhere else yet. The idea came to me while I was giving a head massage. It was one of those Ah-Ha moments!

It didn't take long before I jumped into my 'recording studio' and started recording sessions on different topics.

What should I expect during a Hypno-Massage session?

I will welcome you into my treatment room and you will select the topic you want to listen to based on your goals. Then you will be invited to lie down on the table to receive a 10-15min head massage. During the head and face massage, I will do the induction (gentle talk) to calmly bring you to an Alpha-Theta state. After the head massage, you will turn face down and I will help you to put on the headset and the recording will start. The first 10 minutes of the recording will increase your state of relaxation. I will start the massage as soon as the recording starts which will also enhance your state of calmness.

You will slowly and naturally drift into a blissful state of mind -out of time and space- full of metaphorical stories, suggestions and words that will activate the imaginative part of your brain. This is where the magic happens. Imagination is a very powerful tool, able to change your neuronal pathways into new ones if you decide to accept the 'new suggestions'.

You will feel like you were surfing on a wave. At times you will feel on top of the wave and you will be very 'conscious' of some words or parts of a story, while other times, you will feel like you are riding under the wave where only your subconscious mind will retain the new information. At the end of the session, you might not be able to remember the stories, this is normal and is part of the experience. The information has already been processed by your subconscious mind and the work of inner change has already started.

Does it work?

It took you probably months or years to create a habit (like stress, fear, eating disorder), therefore it may take several hours for your mind to accept the new suggestions.

When you create a habit you create new receptors in your body and your body becomes 'stronger' than your brain. Here is an example: Even if you try to change your thoughts to stop eating sweet treats, your brain is able to hold the craving for few minutes to maybe a few days, but your body has already created some receptors commanding your brain to provide something sweet. Sooner or later, your craving (ordered by your body) will take over your brain. The cycle repeats itself again and again.

Thus, to change a long and stubborn habit depends on your capacity to change AND let go. How likely are you ready to let go of your old habit and replace it for a healthier one? Like any old habits you created, repetition will reinforce the new 'healthier' habit to stay and replace the old one.

Please keep in mind that these recordings are suitable for a 'general public' which may only partially address the root issue of your problem. However it may be a wonderful introduction for you to experience before coming for a personalized hypnosis session.

When will I see changes?

This will depend on your capacity and willingness to change. If you are ready to let go and you want a real change, you will start noticing positives differences very quickly. For some people, they will already feel different at the end of the session. Your subconscious mind can keep working for up to a month. Therefore, you may experience subtle changes in your habits and thoughts during this time frame. Finally, the more you are 'in-tune' with your internal processing, the more likely you will feel the transformation.

Why do you use binaural beats?

All sounds are made of wave frequencies. Therefore some music and sound can match up our own brainwave frequencies. Thus, I decided to use binaural beats like an amplifier to enhance the effect of the subconscious change. I use Alpha, Theta and some Gamma brainwaves. 

How often should I have a session?

This is completely up to you. Listen to your body. Do you feel any positive changes even subtle? This will indicate to you that your old patterns are shifting. However, if you still feel your body is stronger than your brain and you feel your old habits coming back, it usually means you need more sessions to completely integrate the new suggestions.

How long and How much is a Hypno-Massage session?

A session is 75 to 90 minutes long which includes 10-15 minutes for talk, 10-15min head massage, 45 minutes of Hypno-Massage and 10-15 minutes for feedback at the end.

The price is $130 per session.

List of records available:

- Changing the food habits

- Alleviate Anxiety/stress

- Find Happiness within

List of records to come:

- Pain Management

- Let Go of the Past

- Learn to Be Happy

- I Love Myself