Emotion Release Hypnosis

Get to the emotional root causes of your issues in life and free yourself



All through life, we may experience different challenges that sometimes can be hard to overcome or understand.

Emotion Release Hypnosis is a powerful way to find the root causes of some of the issues you may experience such as (but not limited to):

  • Relationship challenges

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Weight loss

  • Physical pain or illness

  • Psychological pain (depression, anxiety, anorexia…)

  • Negative emotional patterns (sadness, anger, fear…)

  • Grief or loss

  • Trauma/PTSD

  • Letting go of the past

  • Self-sabotage

  • And more (endless list)

*Please note that I am not a medical practitioner, nor do I diagnose, heal or prescribe. I am just a tool that will help you finding your own answers. If healing takes place, it simply means that YOU were ready to heal yourself.


What is Emotional Release Hypnosis (ERH)?

‘’Emotion Release Hypnosis’’ is a holistic and spiritual approach. This is beyond a conventional hypnotherapy (usually you listen to the hypnotherapist - you are passive in the process). During a ERH you will take part of your healing journey. I will ask you some questions, I will ask you to describe and to Emotion Release Hypnosis is a mix of different hypnosis style I've studied. I took the parts of each techniques that were resonating with me the most to create my own hypnotherapy. I've studied three different hypnosis modalities: Introspective hypnosis, BQH (similar to QHHT) and a bit of Ericksonian. To complete, I have attached other tools such as:

  • Forgiveness Therapy

  • Body Scan

  • Imaginative stories

  • Heart Coherence

  • Role change

  • Past life Regression

  • Spirit Assistance also called Spirit Releasement

How Emotion Release Hypnosis can help me?

Because we all have experienced some difficult moments in our lives, we may have created some deep repressed emotions, blockages or even created some coping mechanisms leading us toward negative patterns such as anger, sadness, headaches, phobia, low self-esteem, drug/alcohol abuse,  depression, etc.…

It is often difficult to understand the origin of our anger or addiction or behavior. They all are coping mechanisms helping us through a situation. Unfortunately, these mechanisms do not help us, but instead bringing more suffering in our lives. Behind any negative patterns is a primordial memory (the origin) that is often hidden in our subconscious memories. By unfolding and revealing the story of this primordial memory, you already start your own healing process.

Emotion Release Hypnosis is a wonderful technique that will help you unfold these stories you buried within you all along your life and even beyond. You will see, sense and feel everything directly. By being able to experience it yourself, it will empower you and may bring you stronger self-confidence in your life afterward. We always tend to give too much of our power to an outside authority (doctor, healers…) as we lost trust in our inner self. Health and spiritual practitioners are important and can help, but it is important to learn to trust your inner intuition as well.

Once you unravel the psychological or emotional conflict with recognition and forgiveness, the symptoms will often disappear.


Most frequently asked questions

How long is an Emotion Release Hypnosis session?

Sessions are approximately 2-2.5 hours long including an interview, the hypnosis and the post hypnosis review.


How much does it cost?

I charge NZ$150 per session. 

Will I remember the session?

Hypnosis is a natural deep relaxation state. We all experience some ‘’hypnosis state’’ during the day, when we watch TV (look at your kids eyes in front of a cartoon), or when we drive, have you ever experienced of coming back home without really remembering the road? (That is a hypnotic state).

Only around 3% of the population is subject to a somnambulistic state, which means they are in a deep trance and will not remember the session. If it happens for you to be in this 3%, don’t worry, all sessions during the hypnosis part are audio recorded and you can receive a copy if it is beneficial for you or on your request. Please note that the induction part might not be recorded.


What should I do before my session?

I encourage you listen to relaxation music tracks, have a good night sleep, avoid any addictive substances within the 24 hours of the session or it may impair your sensations. If you can eat a light vegetarian meals, it may be helpful, but not necessary.


How many sessions are needed?

This is a very difficult question to answer. It depends on the traumas you had in life, the work you have already done on yourself and if you are ready to forgive and let go some situation from your past. With experience I believe that the first session will open the door to your inner world but it may take several hours to liberate yourself from a specific issue. Often, under a big issue are some smaller ones that haven’t been noticed the first time. Imagine yourself a bit like an onion. Each layer is a trauma or blockage you created to protect yourself at some stage in your life. But in one session it can be hard to peel all the layers as it can be overwhelming. It may need several attempts. Between each session, you will have time to process the new information and transform yourself from within. When you are ready for a next one, you will know it. What is unraveled during a session is always what you can handle.


What if I cannot be hypnotized?

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Everyone can be hypnotized. The reason is because it is a natural state of brain wave. For example, when you are about to drift into a dream, you are in a hypnotic state. You are always in control of your body and thoughts, but in an altered state.

Hypnosis is often misconceived as people think they lose total control of themselves or fall asleep or are unconscious. Therefor they might develop a fear or resistance to enter this altered state. When you successfully have a session, you won’t think you were under hypnosis. The reason is because you already know this feeling! You experience it every day but you do not pay attention to it. But if you think about it, you realise that you are always conscious during the whole process. The beauty of being in this altered state is that you allow your subconscious mind to access with more ease your conscious mind. Your ego (which is the little guy that puts doubt about everything and tends to be negative), will still be there, but you can decide to mute it or not during the session. The more your ego is stepping aside, the better your session will be.

To have a successful session, the most important is your willingness to change: how much are you ready to let go, trust, change yourself for a better life? You are the only one that will authorize me to put you under hypnosis (or modified state of consciousness).


How does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Everyone will have a different experience because we all experience life differently. Some people may experience by visualizing, some by feeling, smelling, seeing, sensing… It depends on your sensorial predisposition.

You will feel like being in a nice, comfortable light to deep relaxation state. Below is a self-guided meditation which is part of my induction. 








Book a session in person or via internet

If you want to book a session, you will need to contact me first via email or phone call so we can discuss more in depth your situation. Once you are ready, we will book a time and date for your session. I will receive you in my therapy room at home.

I am also happy to offer online sessions if you are unable to come. You just will need a good internet connection, a good headset with microphone and camera. Make sure to be in a quiet place, comfortable and warm.



My goal in life is to help people to free themselves from pain and suffering to live the life they want, to step into their inner power and claim back their free spirit. Every session I give is also a lesson for me. We are constantly learning, and it is the beauty of being on Earth, we become more aware every day!

I cannot evolve without you!