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Super Me!

A Step by Step Program to Empower your Life
and say goodbye to your old behavior

This step by step program is for anyone interested in starting their own healing journey but don't know where to start. This is for anyone wanting to change a habit, or to work on addiction, fear or any psychological ailments (anxiety, phobias, depression...) in order to feel freer physically, mentally and also empowered.

From our birth we have created belief systems upon belief systems which slowly altered our life which created certain unwanted habits, behaviors and reactions.

A lot of those belief systems are strongly anchored within us and they often dictate unconsciously our behavior. How many times did you react to a situation knowing it wasn't the best way to handle it, but you couldn't 'help it'? How many times you wanted to act a different way in a situation? 

What if you could learn to 'control' your behavior so you are feeling clear, calm and empowered in any situation?

The good news is that it is definitely possible! Every step of the program will bring you closer to your goal while releasing any unwanted or self-sabotage behavior.

Why a program?

The reason is simple, it took you years to build your unwanted behavior and one session might not go to the root issue. You may come for a specific issue which may only be a peripherical problem. With this program, not only we will remove your unwanted habit, but also we will together help you to release any other deeper emotion, memory and belief systems that are creating issues in other aspects of your life (such as career, personal life). When you start a program, you commit to yourself to change your habit but also feel empowered and happy in your life! 

The Program:

This program has a unique goal: To help you find the root causes of your main present issue(s). Once we found the root cause(s), you can acknowledge, release and replace them with empowering affirmations, emotions, feeling and trust.

This program runs over several weeks so it gives you time for you to process between sessions before diving deeper toward the Core issue. 

This program has 6 steps:

Please note that some steps may require one or several sessions depending on what you want to work on.

- Step1: The Interview, the plan and the commitment. This is our initial appointment. In this session you will tell me your issues and why you want to do this program for and we will set together the goal(s) for this program. It will work a bit like an interview, I will ask you some questions (problems, goal, sleeping pattern, diet, childhood history...) to help me building the perfect program for you. At the end of the session, you will have the choice to decide whether you want to commit to the program or not. If you commit, you make yourself a promise to practice at home and to finish the program. This is the step of All In or All Out. In order to give yourself the best chance of success, you need to commit to yourself. I am just accompanying you in your inner journey.

- Step 2: Reconnect to Self. In this step we will find the right tools that will help you to reconnect to yourself (meditation, grounding and breathing exercises) as well as setting some 'homework' to practice in between. It is important to keep practicing. You trained yourself with unwanted behaviors, you need to train yourself with good ones. Reconnecting to yourself is a very important step. We have a very busy and loud mind, it is important to reduce the volume.

- Step 3: Discover the Emotions in your Body. The body records past memories through sensation, translated as emotions. Very often a physical pain has a shape, a color, an emotion or even a smell. We just forgot how to connect with it. We will do different exercises to help you connect with the ones linked to your issue. Your homework will be around the same pattern. Observing, welcoming them and allow them to transmute when possible.

- Step 4: Link the body and mind. This step is for you to understand how you create emotions from your memories. In this step we will do exercises around specific memories to feel the sensation on the body. We also will learn to create other sensation such as happiness, love, creativity, joy... At home you will be encourage to find some inspiring quotes, podcasts, guided meditation or other tools you can implement in your life.

- Step 5: Regression work and Releasing time. We will use different hypnosis tools to go deeper into your memories to find the root causes of your present ailment. It may take one or several sessions depending on your issue. The previous work done will help you go deeper within and transmute faster the unwanted sensation into a new one.

- Step 6: Create and Empower the new "Me". In this last step we will do some visualization exercises, empowerment exercises (Ho'Oponopono, breathing, visualizing of the future...). We will use different empowerment tools and review your goals.

What kind of issue this program can help?

Anything! From wanting to quite smoking to anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem, addiction, conflict with a family member...

This program is better when we address only one or two problems at the time. Because we have created a lot of different belief systems, it is better to focus our attention to a main issue. Often when the issue is solved, it helps other issues to solve naturally.

Why did I create this program?

I realized that when some of my clients have suffered multi-trauma life events during their childhood or early life, and when they are at the beginning of their healing journey, one session is never enough. They have created so many blockages along their life that one session will only touch the superficial layers. 

 When we start our own healing journey, we must be prepared to unravel some deep 'unwanted' and peripheral emotions before finding the core belief system. These emotions are often hidden deep down under other belief systems. When we free the peripheral belief systems we can bring back to consciousness the core blockage that belongs to our childhood or elsewhere. Furthermore, you need to progress one step at the time to assimilate all the new information your body and mind are receiving. Committing to several sessions with some time in between to practice will allow your healing journey to go deeper and faster.

The purpose is for you to feel empowered enough to be able to keep on your healing journey at the end of the program.

How does that work and how much it costs?

If you are interested but have some question, I offer a 15min free phone call/skype. We can discuss your issue and see if the program would suits you.

It is a fixed price of $90 per session. Usually one session will be 60-90min long every week to every 3 weeks depending on your progress.

The whole program is an average of 6 and 8 sessions.

A package of 6 visits is available for $500 (instead of $560). If you need a few more sessions for the same concern, the following sessions will be at $80 instead of $90.

This program is a commitment to yourself.

Are you serious enough and ready to work on your challenges in order to be free and empowered in your life?

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