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Origin of BQH: back in time with Dolores Cannon:

This amazing technique is directly inspired by the work of the pioneer Dolores Cannon who created QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy). She started conventional hypnotherapy in the 60's and soon realised there was more to be explored beyond the physical death of the body. She wrote 19 books and revolutionized the conventional hypnosis world during her life time. It is now her daughter Julia Cannon who has taken over her incredible work.

For more information:

Candace Craw-Goldman was one of Dolores Cannon students and a friend. She created BQH (or Beyond Quantum Healing) after Dolores physical death. 

BQH is directly inspired from QHHT with the difference that each practitioner has more freedom to bring their own unique style, knowledge to the hypnosis technique and a sessions than can be practiced remotely via the internet.

What is Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)?

A Quantum Hypnosis session is a form of hypnosis that will bring you to a very calm, relaxed minded state. Your brainwaves will oscillate between Alpha and Theta waves, depending on the level of relaxation you will experience. This state of mind will allow you to access direct answers from your Subconscious without your ego or mind interfering too much.  Once you reach this state, you will be able to access some parts of the brain that are usually inaccessible, such as child memories, past lives and spiritual realms. It can be a very powerful healing technique on different levels; from the physical body to the emotional, mental, spiritual body. All the answers are unique to you and can provide a sense of relief, healing or understanding in your life. It might help you to trust more your inner wisdom and help you connect more deeply to your creativity and inner knowledge.

Why should I do a BQH session?

Anyone should have the chance to do at least one session in his lifetime to experience the power of Oneself and if you are on the spiritual awakening path.

It will offer you the chance to know yourself deeper and understand from another perspective your true nature as a Human Being. It can help you understand the root of any health issues, recurrent life patterns, it can answer any of your existential life questions such as what am I doing here? why do I feel so sad? Why do I attract this in life ? And many more. 

I intimately believe that we are the best person to answer our own personal issues. It can help us regain our own inner power that we tend to give away so easily to others. And, very often when roots of the issues are brought to light or to the conscious mind, the healing process can take place. 

How does a BQH session takes place?

Prior any sessions, after our initial talk or email correspondence, you will be required to write down (or type down) up to 15 questions you want answers for. You will need to set and write a clear intention for the session. Once you have your questions and intention, we will set a date and time for your session, whether at home or by internet. You need to allow 4-5 hours for the work to be done. Then we will start the induction and you should be under hypnosis around 2 hours. At the end of the session, we will take the time to talk about your session. You will get a copy of your recorded session that is recommended to listen several times to incorporate all the messages given by your own higher self. 

What if I can't get into hypnosis?

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural brainwave state (Theta-Alpha) we all experience every day (before falling asleep or automatic driving). I will use different tools adapted to you but you are the only person that will authorise you to let go and enjoy the ride. If you relax and let go, you will have a fantastic journey! 

I don't live in NZ, can I still have a session?

Yes of course. You will need an access to internet with a Skype account. You will need to get a pair of headsets with speakers. You will need a comfortable couch or bed, where I will be able to see you.

I am interested, but I still have some questions that are not answered:

You are welcome to contact me by email and ask your questions. I will answer them with all my heart.

What is the price for a session?

The 4-5 hours session is at $50 per hour. 

Link to a guided meditation:

This guided meditation is a very good introduction to the work I offer. It will help you to relax and get used to visualization.

May we all be Happy and free from suffering (S.N Goenka)


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